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Branding [brand-ing]
– To label or mark with or as with a brand
– To place indelibly in the memory
– To give a company or product a distinctive identity by means of characteristic design, packaging, etc.

Personalizing [pur-suh-nl-ahyz-ing]
– To have marked with one’s initials, name, or monogram
– To make personal, as by applying a general statement to oneself
– To ascribe personal qualities to; personify

Provider [pruh-vahy-der]
– Furnisher, supplier, giver, source

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Desparate for Computerized Embroidery Service

I was desperate for an embroidery service that was precise, quick and prompt. Other shops I contacted wanted me to wait several weeks. I went to MadeforU in Glorietta and their staff was very helpful, even giving me advice, regarding what they anticipated would affect the durability of the embroidery. Best of all, they were able to embroider as I specified in my designs and they completed my orders promptly as they promised! Can definitely recommend them to my friends in visual design!

Maryl Bucu

One-Stop Shop

They've got everything I need for my company's branding needs! Their location is also very accessible. The staff at their Glorietta branch in particular are very friendly as well.

- Bianca

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