Mechanical and Construction

sheet metal workers
three gears
auto body painter
Sheet Metal Workers
Three Gears
Auto Body Painter
Code: 01-OC-18042
8.02″ H x 8.02″ W
Code: 01-OC-18093
1.95″ H x 1.95″ W
Code: 02-OC-18013
1.10″ H x 2.20″ W
Code: 01-OC-18018
1.60″ H x 3.61″ W

building brick
building crane
car on lift
car on lift2
Building Brick
Building Crane
Car on Lift
Car on Lift
Code: 02-OC-18049
1.88″ H x 3.25″ W
Code: 02-OC-18067
1.38″ H x 2.50″ W
Code: 08-OC-18150
1.50″ H x 1.85″ W
Code: 02-OC-18135
1.00″ H x 1.30″ W

car w open hood
cement screed
computerized embroidery machine
drywall man
Car with Open Hood
Cement Screed
Computerized Embroidery Machine
Drywall Man
Code: 02-OC-18065
0.50″ H x 1.41″ W
Code: 01-OC-18100
2.50″ H x 2.18″ W
Code: 01-OC-18003
2.93″ H x 2.06″ W
Code: 01-OC-18044
2.40″ H x 2.14″ W

electrical logo
hammer _ anvil
international brotherhood of electrical workers
Electrical Logo
Hammer and Anvil
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Code: 02-OC-18024
1.13″ H x 2.00″ W
Code: 01-OC-18082
1.70″ H x 2.25″ W
Code: 02-OC-18050
2.05″ H x 2.15″ W
Code: 01-OC-18113
2.55″ H x 2.55″ W

lathe _ drill press
line worker
nails _ hammer
Lathe and Drill Press
Line Workers
Nails and Hammer
Code: 01-OC-18014
6.06″ H x 3.83″ W
Code: 02-OC-18025
2.63″ H x 2.00″ W
Code: 02-OC-18023
1.50″ H x 2.50″ W
Code: 01-OC-18010
6.02″ H x 10.13″ W

Code: 01-OC-18009
2.90″ H x 3.13″ W