Branding and Personalizing Provider
Made for U specializes in customizing products by infusing embroidery, etching, engraving, stamping, printing, or other services on them.
Computerized, fast, precise and accurate replicas of your names and logos. Patches or direct embroidery on apparel, linen, fashion accessories like caps, bags, etc. can be made. Over 5000+ ready-made embroidery designs are available for you. Check out Made For U's design library and standard fonts!
Etching VS Engraving
These two services are commonly interchanged when referring to permanent markings made on surfaces. The main difference of the two services is the method used - etching has a chemical process, while engraving uses a physical process.
Etching is used for ceramic, glass, marble, and metal surfaces. Laser engraving, on the other hand, is perfect for wood, acrylic, and leather crafts. Both will give a precise, permanent, and premium touch to your personalized items. Common applications include marking of trophies, and plaques as texts, detailed logos, and other artworks are possible.
Over 1000+ ready-made designs are available for you. Check out Made for U's design library and standard fonts!
Prints using traditional silkscreen, offset, thermal, inkjet or film based methods and even digital presses. Suitable for almost any material – fabric, plastic, leather, stone, glass, wood, paper.
Used for stamping pads. Since computerized, halftone replica of human face can also be made for ultimate uniqueness. Ideal service for commemorative items like emblem pins.
Used for labeling of brands. Finished labels can be attached to apparel and fashion accessories.
Recent Works